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Massage for Pain Management applies to you, just as well as to professional sports stars in Afton WI. You are a star in your own right. I work on a 300 lb. Carolina Panther Defensive Tackle. He has some of the same pain patterns that I see in business people, students, and people who enjoy (or don’t enjoy) exercising. He just happens to be a lot bigger, and can take a lot of pressure!

I’ve learned a few simple truths:

1) All people from all walks of life in Afton WI have muscular tension, dysfunction, and/or inhibited range of motion.

2) You don’t have to be a pro athlete to suffer from pain, or to gain benefit from massage therapy.

Each person is a Most Valuable Player, and deserves Massage to help them limit or eliminate pain.

In this article, I hope to share a little bit of what you all have taught me. Pain management can be effectively treated through Massage therapy. It is important to rule out serious conditions. The Massage therapist must always defer to the advice of a Doctor or other medical professional. Once your doctor indicates Massage as a viable treatment, here are some things to consider:

1) Limited range-of-motion may indicate a muscular imbalance. This can alter the way that the joint and the muscles interact. Movement outside of this distorted range-of- motion may cause pain and/or injury.

2) Pain in one area can be a local phenomenon or a”tug-of-war” between muscle groups.

3) Your posture adapts to positions that you repeat. Sitting for long hours at your desk in front of your computer, may cause an adaptation, (i.e.: low back pain). These adaptations may cause muscular imbalances that eventually cause pain or dysfunction.

4) Massage can help!

Let’s look at two common pains:

1) Pain in the neck and shoulders

2) Low back Pain

Shoulder and Neck Pain

The shoulders provide a prime example of how muscular imbalance can limit range- of-motion or cause pain. The scapula, or shoulder blade, may be pulled or drawn out of natural orientation by a muscular imbalance, such as tightness in the pectorals (chest muscles). Normally, the shoulder is a very mobile. Obviously, it can move in directions that an elbow or knee cannot.

When a joint is compressed, it moves less freely. If the scapula (shoulder-blade) is pulled out of orientation, it compresses and moves less freely. Lots of muscles attach to the shoulder blade. Some of these muscles go up to the neck, causing pain or headaches. Other muscles are between the shoulder blades. You can tell your massage therapist what motions or actions make your neck or shoulder hurt worse.

It might hurt worse when you sleep. Or it might hurt worse when you’re tackling the quarterback. Either way, it helps your massage therapist figure out which muscles to work on.

Massage to rebalance the muscles of the shoulder joint (often referred to as the rotator cuff muscles) may restore function, limit pain, and help to avoid injury.

So, you don’t need to tackle your accountant.

You don’t need to body-check your husband.

You may have just slept “funny,” spent too much time on the internet, hunched over your computer keyboard, or answered the phones for six to eight hours a day, five days a week.

The body adapts.

The massage therapist works with the client in Afton WI to remind the muscles to do what is natural.

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is another example. Low back pain is amazingly commonplace.

If you sit at work for eight hours a day, your muscles adapt. Your hamstrings, or thigh muscles, are functionally shortened.

Any muscle group that is attached to your pelvis may adapt and stay tight.

Try this experiment:

1) Stand up. Take note of the natural length of your hamstrings (the muscles in the backs of your thighs). Notice that the gluteals (muscles in the buttocks) are at their natural length.

2) Now sit down. Notice the difference in the lengths of these muscle groups.

3) Now imagine your muscles were to adapt to the length they assume while seated.

4) Now stand up. Imagine the pull these muscles would exert on the pelvis. Just like the base of a Christmas tree, a tilted base would result in a tilted tree.

Massage of the gluteals and hamstrings, as well as local massage on the low back, may help limit or purge your low back pain.

So, remember – You are ALL stars. And you can all benefit from massage. We live unnatural lives, sitting at desks for hours, and then jogging five miles in Afton WI. You need time to return to what is the natural state of the body – Health. Massage can help.

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